Common Back Surgeries in Workers’ Compensation

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Common Back Surgeries in Workers’ Compensation

Back surgeries are treatment methods for any pain or injury of the spine.  Common back surgeries often result from fall or accident, degeneration due to old age or any other trauma.  Physicians refer to a surgeon, who has specialized in neuro-spinal surgeries when other treatment methods such as medication, rest and physiotherapy are not relieving the pain.  Some common back surgeries include Laminectomy, Discectomy, Fusion and Disc replacement.

Common Back Surgeries

Laminectomy Discectomy  

This procedure is undertaken when there is an increased pressure of any sort on the spinal cord.  A common condition is Arthritis, or a swelling of back part of the vertebra called Lamina.  By removing Lamina from the vertebra, the spinal canal can be decompressed, and pressure can be reduced.  Therefore, this is also called decompression surgery.

There are two main types of laminectomy.

  1. Lumber laminectomy: The surgical decompression of vertebra in the thoracic (chest) region
  2. Lumber laminectomy: The surgical decompression of vertebra in the lower back region.


The disc is a structure present between two vertebrae.  Therefore, it is called Intervertebral Disc.  It acts as a shock absorber, mobility enhancer and ligaments joining 2 vertebras. In different medical conditions such as herniation, inflammation or any injury, the disc may protrude outside, and starts to compress the nerve.  This is surgically corrected by removing intervertebral disc. The procedure is called Discectomy.


Spinal Fusion 

Spinal fusion has been used for a very long time, as an option for the treatment of back pain. In this technique, two vertebrae are joined together with the help of surgery. The two vertebrae heal as a single bone over time. This will reduce the movement, and thus reducing the pain that is caused by the movement of two vertebrae.

Disc Replacement

Intervertebral disc arthroplasty, which is commonly known as disc replacement, is a method for replacing damaged, diseased or severely injured disc. An artificial disc is inserted in place of removed disc. This artificial disc is a prosthetic device made of biopolymer, metal or a combination of both. It functions as a natural disc. There are two main types of replacements including Total Disc Replacement and Disc Nucleus (central part) Replacement.

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