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Georgia Workers' Compensation for Herniated DiscsGeorgia Workers’ Compensation for Herniated Discs

Georgia workers’ compensation for herniated discs is a common occurrence.  According to the NY Times, “…One-third of adults over 20 show signs of herniated disks (although only 3% of these disks cause symptoms).”  So, for many Georgia workers, it is a matter of when they will experience this common work injury.

What is Considered a Herniated Disc Injury for Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Georgia workers who herniate a disc in their back while on the job are considered potential claims for Georgia Workers’ Compensation.  Typically, the disc becomes herniated when it pushes out and moves a membrane in such a way that it presses on the nerve causing pain.  Discs are hard on the outside with a soft inner gel-like inside that can easily push out of place.

As we all age, the disc begins to deteriorate in size and circumference.  This is called degenerative disc disease even though it isn’t actually a disease.  It is the shrinking of the disc which makes the likelihood of nerve irritation more likely.  This results in a reduced amount of protection for the spine.  In addition, as the degeneration continues and water from the disc seeps out, it produces a scenario where a herniated disc injury is very likely.  The bottom two discs known as L4/5 and L5/S1 is the most common discs for injury.

Workers’ Compensation Back Pain Injuries

The result of herniated discs is acute and referred pain that feels like numb limbs and overall weakness.  The name used to refer to the leg pain is called sciatica.  The age for this type of pain is usually middle age adults who have degenerative and herniated discs.  It can be a tingling pain for a shooting pain that feels like shooting pain that extends from the thigh down to the calf area.

The burden of Proof – 5 Steps to Prove Work Injury Caused Herniated Disc

If your herniated disc injury occurs at work, and you report it to your employer immediately, your workers’ compensation claim is usually more straightforward.  While most herniated discs are pushed to the brink of injury due to repetitive use, it is very common for the actual herniation to occur from a very simple activity which may not happen at work.  As a result, it is difficult to prove that the repetitive work caused or heavily contributed to the back injury.  This is why it is critical to hire an expert Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer who can navigate the burden of proof challenges.

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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Herniated Discs

Beth Gearhart has extensive experience handling workers’ compensation claims associated with herniated disc injuries.  Georgia workers’ compensation laws are complex, and it is difficult to understand your rights without expert legal advice.  Beth Gearhart is the #1 Georgia workers’ compensation attorney and has deep expertise in herniated disc injuries.  Call Beth at 404 445 8370 to discuss your options and receive a free consultation and case evaluation.  Beth listens and cares about her clients!

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