Beth Gearhart is a Gwinnett workers’ compensation attorney serving Gwinnett County.  Beth represents injured workers and guides them through the worker’s compensation process.  Gwinnett is one of the largest areas within the larger Atlanta Metro Area and has a population of over 842,000 people.  Beth Gearhart spent over a decade working for another side of the table for the defense and has a deep understanding of her clients’ cases so she can answer any of their questions.  Beth started Gearhart Law Group with a different approach for a workers’ compensation law firm focused entirely on the injured worker.  If you need to complete workers’ compensation paperwork, this is a link to the Gwinnett County / Georgia Workers’ Compensation Board Forms.

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Beth has practiced law for almost 20 years and has focused on Gwinnett County workers’ compensation for almost 15 years.  Beth started working on Gwinnett Workers’ Compensation cases almost 15 years ago on the side of insurance companies.  She was frustrated and upset by the lack of injured worker representation, so she opened the Gearhart Law Group.  Beth has a passion for injured worker rights, and she works hard to listen and care about her workers’ compensation clients.

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