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A workers’ comp attorney settlement almost always results in a “stipulated settlement”.  Stipulated settlements are governed by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.  Various rules are outlined in the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation stipulated settlements topics document. A Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer can advise injured workers on their rights and expected settlement amounts.



Workers Compensation Settlements and Disability Ratings

The workers’ comp attorney settlement in Georgia is always driven by the disability rating.  A disability rating drives the amount for the settlement.

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A disability rating is a way to assign a value for the settlement based on the work limitations suffered from the work injury.  Disability ratings are always written as a percentage.  Total permanent disability is applied 100% disability rating.  Most ratings are less than 100%. The percentage assigned is then calculated using a formula which will determine the amount of permanent partial disability benefits to be paid.

Occasionally, Georgia workers compensation attorney settlements are handled in court and ruled on by a workers’ compensation judge.  When a judge rules on the disability rating, the result is an award for weekly benefits to the injured worker.

In some cases, the adjuster or defense attorney and the injured workers’ attorney will negotiate the estimated permanent disability benefits.  This is where an experienced Georgia workers’ compensation attorney becomes critical to the process.  In some cases, medical evaluation or “PPD evaluation” by a physical therapist will assign the rating, which must be approved by the Authorized Treating Physician.

Stipulated Settlement Award

A Stipulated Settlement Award is utilized when an injured worker has a permanent disability and requires future medical care.  After the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation approves the stipulated settlement award, weekly benefits end.  Injured workers are responsible for future medical treatment.  If there is a dispute as to the appropriateness of treatment incurred prior to the approval of the Stipulated Settlement Award, a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney can help resolve the issue.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Information

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