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Beth Gearhart serves Columbus, Georgia as a work comp lawyer representing the rights of injured workers in Columbus, GA and across the State of Georgia.  She provides Columbus work comp attorney advice to people suffering workplace injuries and needing counsel on their workers’ compensation process.  Also, she is an expert in Georgia workers’ compensation law with over a decade of experience.  Specifically, Beth focuses on workers’ compensation and injured worker rights.

Columbus GA

Sometimes, lawyers advertise themselves as a Columbus work comp attorney, but they do not dedicate their practice to workers’ compensation.  Beth Gearhart started Gearhart Law Group to focus 100% on workers’ compensation cases and fight for the rights of injured workers in Columbus and throughout the State of Georgia.  She is passionate about helping people and has channeled this desire to help people with her interest in workers’ compensation law. The result is a workers’ compensation lawyer who listens and cares about her clients.

Columbus, Georgia

Columbus is the second largest city in Georgia at close to 200,000 people.  The larger Columbus metro areas have a population of over 310,000 people which includes adjacent cities across the border.  Columbus is located in the heart of the Chattahoochee Valley and the metro area makes it the fourth largest in the state of Georgia.

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Situated about 100 miles southwest of Atlanta, Columbus boasts a variety of large companies headquartered in the city such as Tsys, Aflac, and Synovus.  In addition, nearby Fort Benning provides a major boost to the economy.  Columbus also has a growing downtown with an expanding variety of bars and restaurants.  Also, several publications have ranked Columbus near the top of their best places to live in Georgia and the United States.

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If you live in the Columbus area and have been injured in a work-related injury, please contact Gearhart Law Group to discuss your case with someone who cares.  Beth Gearhart will personally respond the same day to your contact request form with a phone call.

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