Beth Gearhart serves Athens, Georgia representing injured workers in Athens and surrounding areas around Athens.  As a Georgia work comp lawyer providing Athens work comp attorney advice, Beth Gearhart is dedicated to listening and caring about her clients.  Beth worked for work comp insurance companies for over a decade.  As a result, Beth knows exactly how to build a strategy to maximize injured worker benefits.  Beth’s true passion is helping injured workers, and this is her firm’s only focus.

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Athens Workers Compensation Lawyer

Athens is located in the northeastern part of Georgia and the center of a growing community.  Home to The University of Georgia, Athens provides a vibrant community in the surrounding areas. Today, Athens has a population of 125,000 people which makes it the sixth-largest city in Georgia.  Athens is proud to have a major nightlife scene with a large variety of restaurants and bars in the downtown and university areas.  Also, Athens is home to a variety of small, medium, and large businesses that employ a large cross-section of employees.  With the improving economy and emerging Athens business scene, there are also a significant amount of work injuries in the area with many resulting in workers’ comp back injuries.  If injured, read up on workers’ compensation medical treatment options.  It is critical to select an attorney with experience working in Georgia work comp and expertise in workers’ compensation claims. Gearhart aims to provide support to the victims with Athens Workers Compensation Attorney.

Why Beth Gearhart?

Beth Gearhart is a workers’ compensation lawyer with expertise on the Athens workers’ compensation.  Gearhart Law Group covers the Athens Clark area due to a large number of injured workers in the area who need a workers’ compensation expert to fight for their rights.

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