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Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for an on-the-job Injury at FedEx in Georgia?

FedEx is one of the largest employers in Georgia and across the country. However, working for FedEx is hard. And it’s not just about the work. It’s about the stress, pressure, and hazards that come with it. That’s why if you are one of the 400,000+ people working for FedEx, you may wonder whether you qualify for workers’ compensation if you ever get injured while working.

So, does FedEx have workers’ compensation benefits? In Georgia, the law protects employees who died on the job or suffered job-related injuries through workers’ compensation benefits. So, as an employee at FedEx in Georgia, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits following an on-the-job injury.

Since Georgia uses a no-fault system, you don’t have to prove that anyone was at fault for your workplace injury to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. This means that if you’re injured on the job due to the negligence of your employer or coworkers (or even your negligence), FedEx will have to shoulder the cost and pay you benefits.

But this does not mean that FedEx will automatically start paying you benefits after an on-the-job injury. For example, if you don’t know your rights or claim them, you won’t get a dime in compensation benefits. Sadly, not many injured FedEx employees know that they qualify for these benefits, nor do they know how to claim them.

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Times Have Changed, and Working at FedEx Has Become Increasingly Demanding!

Times have changed, and work at FedEx has become increasingly demanding. Following the pandemic, more people have turned to online shopping, putting unprecedented stress on the workforce at e-commerce warehouses and logistics companies.

For example, FedEx has seen consistent year-on-year increases in processed package volume for several years. For example, in 2019, they processed 2.28 billion packages which increased to 2.54 billion packages in 2020 and a whopping 3.13 billion packages in 2021. As of September 2022, they had already processed over 3.1 billion packages.

But what do all these statistics mean to you as a FedEx employee? It means you now have more work to do within the same time frame for the same pay. And this is true whether you work at the warehouse or drive delivery trucks. Because FedEx has to process and deliver most of its packages quickly, there are countless opportunities for FedEx employees to be involved in work-related accidents.

For instance, over the last 5 years, there have been about 500 FedEx crashes, with more than 12 collisions resulting in deaths. And these stats do not even account for the thousands of FedEx warehouse employees injured or killed in stores and warehouses across the country.


Types and Causes of FedEx Employee Injuries

What are the common dangers and injuries that FedEx employees are exposed to? Whether you work at the warehouse or as a delivery driver, there are many ways that a worker could get hurt on the job at FedEx.

Several positions at FedEx can put workers in harm’s way. But two of the positions where workers often experience injuries or death are warehouse workers and delivery drivers.

  1. Common FedEx Warehouse Injuries and Accidents

FedEx warehouse injuries and accidents often relate to loading and sorting packages. Some of the most common warehouse injuries at FedEx are back injuries and forklift accidents.

  • Back and Neck Injuries

Employee back injury claims at FedEx are frequent because of the nature of the job. For example, pickers lift different items and make continuous, robot-like motions, leading to repetitive and severe back injuries. Since order items are of different sizes and shapes, warehouse workers will surely handle some heavy items. Add constant turning, bending, and lifting to the sheer volume of work and speed at which to complete it, and you have a recipe for back injuries.

  • Forklift Injuries

FedEx uses forklifts to carry bulky items in the warehouse. But heavy machines like forklifts are usually dangerous elements and add to the danger in a warehouse worker’s job. Since it is not uncommon for underqualified or reckless employees to operate forklifts, the risks of accidents or injuries significantly increase. In fact, several forklift drivers have hit their coworkers or collided with other warehouse machinery, causing catastrophic injuries.


  1. Common Injuries and Accidents During Delivery

FedEx employees, like truck drivers, delivery drivers, and couriers, are also prone to injuries and accidents during the delivery process to the warehouse or customers. Some of the most common delivery injuries at FedEx are from truck or delivery vehicle accidents.

  • Delivery Truck Injuries

FedEx has a massive fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles on the road at any time. When drivers are on the road, they are prone to accidents that can lead to on-the-job injuries or even death. Since drivers must make many deliveries, they easily get fatigued, leading to careless mistakes and accidents.

  • Other Delivery Incidents

FedEx drivers not involved in accidents can also encounter hazardous situations and injuries after they leave their vehicles to deliver packages. These incidents include:

  • Lifting injuries
  • Trip/Slip and falls
  • Dog attacks and bites
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycling accidents, etc.

To sum it all up, here are some routine duties that can cause injuries at FedEx:

  • Driving forklifts
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Handling conveyor belts
  • Climbing steep ladders
  • Repeated movements
  • Order packing and sorting
  • Driving and package delivery

FedEx workers that carry out the above tasks are prone to the following injuries:

  • Strains from lifting heavy items.
  • Ladder injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sprains
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Back and leg injuries due to extended standing
  • Dog bites by delivery drivers in customers’ homes
  • Vehicle accidents and collisions with objects
  • Accidents from unsafe or malfunctioning equipment
  • Accidents caused by a coworker.


Even after a FedEx delivery or truck driver delivers their packages, they are still in the course and scope of their employment. So, workers’ compensation should cover any injury they sustain during this time. However, you should report any injury immediately and contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney so they can help you claim your rights!


Get the Legal Advice You Need to Protect Your Rights and Secure Your Future!

Thousands of workers work incredibly hard under the crushing demand of customers to get items packed up and shipped to their doors. So, it’s no wonder many workers have questions about workers’ compensation at FedEx.

If you or your loved one has been injured at FedEx, do not hesitate to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. You need an attorney specializing in workers’ compensation with a proven track record because workers’ compensation policies are complex. And if you don’t go about it the right way, you might lose your benefits or get staggeringly low offers.

So, to get benefits that cover the damages, you will need expert legal representation to help navigate complex workers’ compensation policies and ultimately do what’s best for you and your family. And this is where Gearhart Law Group comes in.

At Gearhart Law Group, we know what it takes to secure workers’ compensation benefits from a large corporation like FedEx. And because we know you deserve justice and need your benefits, we offer a no-cost and no-obligation consultation. This way, we can help you review your case so you understand your legal options and move forward confidently.

So, if you need a FedEx workers’ compensation lawyer in Georgia, we can help. Let us help you explore your best options and get the most out of your compensation claim!

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What Should You Do Following an On-the-job Injury at FedEx?

If you get hurt while working at FedEx, you must know what to do next to take the right steps and get the compensation and benefits you deserve. Here are four important things you must do following an on-the-job injury at FedEx.

  • Seek immediate medical help
  • Report your injury to your supervisor or manager
  • Gather evidence and documentation
  • Contact an expert workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia.


  1. Seek Medical Help

The first thing to do after a workplace injury is to seek medical help immediately. Your first call should be to a pre-approved medical facility or physician. Collect receipts and bills for ambulance rides, emergency room visits, physician consultations, medical treatments, and prescription medications. Even if your injury is minor, don’t delay medical care.

  1. Report Your Injury to Your Manager

After getting the medical attention you need, you should report your injury to your manager or supervisor within 30 days of the incident, specifying the date and location of the accident. If you cannot report your injury immediately, get a trusted coworker to report it for you.

  1. Gather Evidence and Documentation

Gather evidence that shows that your injury happened at work, so FedEx cannot make excuses or doubt where the injury happened. Some critical evidence and documentation you should gather include the following:

  • Copies of medical records
  • Photos of the injury
  • Pictures of the area where the injury occurred (if possible)
  • A description of what happened
  • A witness (usually a coworker).


  1. Contact an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney

After an injury, it is important to protect your rights. Get an experienced Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer to help you protect your rights and serve your best interests! You can contact us for a free consultation today!


What Benefits Are Available to Injured FedEx Employees?

If you’ve been injured while working at FedEx, you may wonder what workers’ compensation benefits you have. The benefits you get in case of an injury include the following:

  • Lost wages: Georgia law requires employers to provide employees with temporary total disability (TTD) or temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits.
  • Medical bills and rehabilitation expenses: Your employer must provide you with medical care and rehabilitation services while you recover from your injury. This includes physical therapy and counseling sessions related to managing post-injury pain.
  • Funeral and burial costs (in fatal work accidents): Employers have to cover funeral and burial costs for employees who lost their lives in an on-the-job accident.
  • Travel expenses: Your employer must provide travel expenses that include mileage to and from doctor’s appointments, pharmacy visits, and physical therapy sessions.

Keep in mind that compensation claims are subject to time limits. If you were injured while working for FedEx, you have 30 days to report the accident to your supervisor. Also, you will lose your right to compensation unless you file the claim within one year of the date of injury.

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