Beth Gearhart is a Roswell, Georgia workers’ comp lawyer, and she has dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of injured workers.  Beth has spent over a decade working on workers’ compensation claims.  She knows every work comp judge presiding over Roswell work comp cases and has the knowledge to maximize your workers’ comp claim.  Some people in Roswell still refer to this practice as a workman’s comp claim and regardless of terminology, Gearhart Law Group is here to assist you.

Roswell, GA

Whether you have a herniated disc back injury, neck injury, carpal tunnel, or any other work injury, Beth knows how to value your case and navigate the workers’ compensation laws to provide you with the best legal representation and workers comp lawyer.

Roswell Work Compensation Factors

Roswell, Georgia Work Injuries

Roswell, Georgia is home to employees for some of the largest employers in the Southeastern United States.   The Roswell Visitors’ Bureau called “Visit Roswell GA” has a series of facts about living in Roswell, GA.  For example, the Georgia Municipal Association awarded the City of Roswell the City of Excellence Award in near the end of 2003 for it’s distinguished and unique amenities and historic downtown.

Workers Comp Lawyers Experience

Beth Gearhart’s extensive experience with injured workers and defense firms means that she is best positioned to achieve a positive outcome for her clients.  However, the difference between a positive result and a difficult process is the workers’ comp lawyers knowledge and experience.  Their ability to understand and focus on your best interests is critical.  Consequently, evaluate options carefully and select an attorney that listens to you.  If you are injured at work, contact Roswell, Georgia’s best workers comp lawyer who listens and cares about her clients.

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Different Approach

Beth Gearhart is a passionate workers’ comp lawyer with over a decade of expertise in workers’ compensation.  She spent over a decade working for the defense, so she knows exactly how to counsel her clients.  Finally, Beth wanted positive outcomes for injured workers, so she started Gearhart Law Group focused on the rights of injured workers.

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#1 Rated Workers Compensation Lawyer Roswell Beth Gearhart

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