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Top 6 Responsibilities Filing For Workers’ Compensation

Below is a list of your responsibilities when filing a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia.  After a work injury, both the employer and injured worker have a list of steps.  It is your job to understand your responsibilities and follow the list of 6 steps to make sure your claim is filed correctly.

1: Report Your Injury Immediately

Most importantly, you must immediately report your injury.  Technically, you have 30 days to report your accident.  However, you should always report the accident as quickly as possible.  If you fail to report your accident timely, this could be a basis for a denial or “controvert” of your claim.  Even if your injury occurred on a Friday after work hours, you should call and leave a message with your employer immediately.  Insurers are always suspicious about work injuries that are not reported immediately.  They assume injured workers got injured over the weekend and lie about a Friday injury after the fact.  Guard against this concern by reporting your injury immediately.

2: Keep Your Address Current

Keep your address updated with the State Board of Worker’s Compensation and your attorney.

3: Submit Mileage Reimbursement On Time

Compensable claims are eligible for mileage reimbursement.  The law allows reimbursement for trips to the doctor, physical therapist, and pharmacy.  The Georgia workers’ compensation mileage reimbursement amount in 2016 is 45 cents per mile.  The insurer must reimburse within 15 days though penalties are not due until it is 30 days late.  Mileage reimbursement submission is required within one year of the expense.  It is best to submit these on a regular basis in a timely manner.

4: Accept Rehabilitation Services

Suspension of benefits occurs when a judge orders rehabilitation services, and you refuse to accept them.

5: Attempt A Light Duty Job Offered by Your Employer

If your employer offers you a light-duty job and you refuse to attempt to perform it, you may lose your entitlement to income benefits.  This is a very complicated area that is a frequent source of conflict between the injured worker and employer/insurer.  This is discussed another page focused on “Work Status.”

6: Be Truthful

Making a false statement for the purpose of obtaining or denying benefits is a crime.  In addition, it is subject to penalties of up to $10,000 per violation or imprisonment up to 12 months.  Also, any false statements serve as evidence.  Finally, false statements given under oath during a hearing are considered perjury.

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