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Typically when you go to the doctor, one of the most important things he or she will determine if your work status for the employer.  For a general overview of what can be a complicated process, please refer to our flowchart below right.

If the doctor releases you to regular duty work, you are not owed weekly income benefits (and if you have been receiving them they will stop.) If the doctor does not release you to regular duty work but instead releases you to light duty work, several things can happen. If you are still an employee, the employer may offer you a light duty job if one is available. If one is not available, you would likely be entitled to weekly income benefits. If you are not an employee any longer, you may or may not be entitled to weekly income benefits. You may also be required to conduct a “diligent job search” for work within your physical limitations. What is considered a “diligent” job search is up to debate, however, we recommend you keep a log (such as the one from the Georgia Department of Labor, which is embedded below) and make at least 1 job search per day. If you no longer an employee and on light duty work restrictions, contact an attorney to know your rights.

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