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Carpal Tunnel – Atlanta Injured Worker

Carpal Tunnel - Workers Compensation

The other day I received a call from an injured worker in Atlanta asking if carpal tunnel injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. She was concerned because she didn’t initially relate the symptoms of numbness and tingling to her work activities…she wasn’t sure what they were. She wasn’t sure if the numbness and tingling, which usually happened at night after her shift, would go away or not. Eventually, the pain, numbness, and tingling became worse. When she told her employer, they told her if it didn’t happen at work, it wasn’t covered by workers’ comp. She was rightly confused and was seeking advice from a carpal tunnel claims expert in workers’ compensation cases.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms can occur suddenly or more slowly over time and it certainly can be related to your work activities especially if a person does repetitive tasks or a lot of fine, manipulative tasks with their hands. Unfortunately, insurers frequently deny these claims as there can be other causes for the symptoms (such as diabetes or neuropathy.)  If you believe your work duties are causing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome it is important to report it to your employer immediately and also make sure you tell your doctor about your work activities.

Gearhart Law Group – Carpal Tunnel Experts

If you have a carpal tunnel, arm, or wrist injuries and need legal advice, please contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia like Beth Gearhart who listens and cares about her clients.  Beth has worked on various carpal tunnel claims and settlements throughout her career on both sides of the table.  Beth exclusively represents injured workers now so you can use her carpal tunnel expertise to maximize your claim.  If you would like a free case evaluation for your injury, don’t hesitate to contact Beth today! Beth Gearhart is an Atlanta work comp lawyer based in Atlanta, Georgia serving Atlanta and the entire State of Georgia.
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