What is Georgia Workers’ Compensation?

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Workers' Compensation in Georgia

Definition of Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws are intended to be an accident insurance program paid by your employer.  Typically, it provides you with medical, rehabilitation and income benefits if you are injured on the job.  Unfortunately, many employers don’t purchase workers’ compensation insurance.  However, you can still pursue a claim against an uninsured employer.

Georgia Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Typically, workers’ compensation provides three types of benefits.

  • Income benefits for off work or light duty.  Sometimes, the employer doesn’t have light duty work available.  So, the qualification for weekly income benefits depends on several factors.  First, the claim must be fully compensable.  Second, “medical only” claims don’t count.  Also, in the case of termination during light duty work, you must show an continuous job search.  Finally, the job search needs to focus on work within your physical restrictions.
  • Permanent Disability Rating (PPD) determined by a doctor and adjusted by a formula including your wages.   Typically, a rating is issued by your Authorized Treating Physician.  Also, this occurs after an exam called a Functional Capacity Exam.
  • Medical treatment benefits have many limitations.  Unfortunately, doctor restrictions exist, and physicians panels are enforced.  As a result, the physician panel contains the list of providers available.  Currently, the law mandates your employer provide a Panel of Physicians document posted in a conspicuous place.  Also, the employer should explain the function of the panel to you.  However, the employer often stores the Physicians Panel in someone’s desk.

Usually, that’s not sufficient, and your attorney can use it in your favor.  So, it’s critical to contact a workers’ compensation attorney to walk through these items.  Beth Gearhart is available at all times to personally take your call at 404 445 8370.

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Contact an attorney immediately to understand your rights.  The complication with workers’ compensation cases grows quickly.  In addition, this is a must-read post on top 10 mistakes injured workers mistakes.

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