Workers’ Compensation Self-Representation: Can I Be My Own Lawyer?

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Workers’ Compensation – Do I Need a Lawyer?

There are several dangers to being your own workers’ compensation lawyer.  Most often, people think that they can save some money by acting as their own attorney, but there is an unforeseen trade-off.   First, the insurance company is focused on minimizing their costs and exposure.  They never have the injured worker’s best interest in mind.  In fact, the insurance company is reviewing different ways they can deny or reduce your claim value to lower their costs.  So, it is up to you to take your workers’ compensation claim seriously and represent your health and well being with the best possible outcome.  Second, it is impossible for someone who isn’t isn’t an expert Georgia Workers’ Compensation attorney to know your claim value.

Valuing Workers’ Compensation Claims

This key component to every workers’ compensation claim requires experience reviewing thousands of claims to know where there is additional exposure or unfair insurance company practices.  Finally, the settlement process is complex and often a time when injured workers representing themselves make them most mistakes.  There are a variety of landmines set by the insurance company that will either reduce your settlement value.

Do Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Retain 25% of my Settlement?

I have never seen a workers’ compensation settlement where someone without an attorney would have settled for the same amount without a lawyer.  In every case, I am confident that workers’ compensation self-representation will result in more than 25% less claim value.  In other

words, you will receive a higher claim value with a workers’ compensation attorney that will more than cover their allocation.  Also, an experienced and well-known Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer will be familiar with every judge, adjuster, and claimant’s lawyer which helps to achieve a higher claim value.  Everyone knows that relationships have a huge impact on positive outcomes during difficult disputes.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Experience

Valuing workers’ compensation claims and case settlement value is a complex process that requires years of experience.  I have been practicing workers’ compensation for 15 years and specialized in Georgia workers’ compensation law for over 10 years.  There are many different factors that go into case valuation.  So, it is impossible to know how to value a claim unless you have worked in the industry.  You will not receive a fair settlement without representation.  Please call Beth Gearhart today at 404 445 8370.   Beth listens and cares about her clients!

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