Workers Compensation Claims Delay

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Workers’ Compensation Claims Delay

A workers’ compensation claims delay in medical treatment is very common in Atlanta and all over the state of Georgia.  One of the most common problems injured workers experience is a delay in medical treatment.  This occurs even when the authorized treating physician is involved in the claim.

workers compensation claims delayThe State Board of Workers’ Compensation instituted a new rules in 2017 and created a new procedure to address authorization of medical treatment.  This amendment allows the attorney for the injured worker to electronically file a petition called a WC-PMT  when an Employer/Insurer has failed to authorize treatment recommended by the Authorized Treating Physician within five business days of receipt.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Delay and WC PMT Procedure

–   The Authorized Treating Physician authorizes medical treatment or testing

–   The  insurance company delivers documentation for medical treatment at least five business days

–   The insurance company fails to authorize treatment suggested by the authorized treating physician

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If you are an injured worker experiencing a workers’ compensation claims delay, contact an experienced Georgia workers’ compensation attorney.  Gearhart Law Group assists injured workers all over Georgia with a focus on North Georgia and Atlanta metro area.  Beth Gearhart is the most experienced work comp lawyer in dealing with claims delays and will provide immediate assistance.  Call Beth at 404 445 8370 to learn more about your Georgia workers’ compensation claim delay.

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