Will They Hire Private Investigators?

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Will They Hire Private Investigators for work comp claim

“If I File for Workers’ Compensation Will They Hire Private Investigators?”

It is permissible for an insurance company to hire an investigator to follow and injured worker and film him or her. The short answer is…yes…and when any issues in dispute, the insurance company will more often than not do this. The purpose, of course, is to try to find evidence to reduce the value of your claim. They may suspect you are overstating your injuries or possibly working while receiving benefits (which is fraud). Most of the time the investigator spends several days filming nothing and the insurance company spends thousands of dollars for no reason. Occasionally they will discover true fraud but, for the most part, they are filming the outside of a legitimately injured worker’s house!


Investigators will work at all time of day, weekdays or weekends. They may ask your neighbors about you and your activities. They may follow you to the store, through traffic and especially to doctor’s appointments. The best way to handle this is to be truthful and not overstate your limitations to the doctors or at a deposition. If you say you are unable to drive a car but the investigator films you driving, your case may be compromised (even if you drove one time only!)

If you are injured and want to know “will they hire private investigators” to track your work comp case, contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia like Beth Gearhart who listens and cares about her clients.

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