Why Injured Workers Get Workers’ Compensation Attorneys?

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Why Injured Workers Get Workers' Compensation Attorneys?

Should I Get a Work Comp Attorney?

Sometimes people ask why injured workers get workers’ compensation attorneys after a work-related accident.  The most common complaint I get when someone asks me about representation is that they feel they are getting the “run around” from the insurance company or their employer. Either the employer asks them not to file a workers’ compensation claim or sometimes they simply fail to provide any medical treatment whatsoever. A recent conference detailed the top 10 reasons injured workers hire attorneys.

Common Reasons to Hire a Work Comp Lawyer

Not surprisingly, a claim denial was the number one reason followed by injured workers having attorneys for prior claim(s), confusion about forms, a termination of benefits, confusion about the process, dissatisfaction with medical care, advertising by lawyers, unpaid medical bills, recommendations made by medical providers, a fear of being fired and suggestions by family members. Remember, not all lawyers are created equal. If you want an attorney that will provide you with timely feedback, quick action and is working on your behalf, call Gearhart Law Group, or read further on what makes Beth Gearhart a different workers’ compensation attorney than the rest of work comp attorneys Georgia.

I Still Don’t Get It – Why Injured Workers Get Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Again?

If you are still wondering why injured workers get workers’ compensation attorneys and need some legal advice, contact Beth Gearhart who listens and cares about her clients!

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