What Are Stipulated Awards for Workers’ Compensation?

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Stipulations are agreements and a Stipulation and Award in Georgia Workers’ Compensation is a final settlement agreement. They are often used in court and other legal proceedings to agree to certain matters, narrowing the matters at issue between the parties in a proceeding. Any fact not stipulated to by the parties must be proven by the party carrying the burden as to that fact or issue or resolved separately either by agreement later or by a judge.

In the workers’ compensation setting, a stipulated award is an agreement between the injured worker and the employer’s insurance company regarding liability and what benefits are due to the worker. It bypasses the need for a hearing.

In a liability stipulation, the parties agree that benefits are due and that the employer’s insurance company is liable for them. In a no-liability stipulation, the parties disagree that the insurance company is liable, but the insurer has agreed to pay some benefits anyway. The result is a stipulated award that the Workers’ Compensation Board must approve.

Under Georgia law, any stipulation regarding liability in a worker’s compensation case must state that all reasonable and necessary incurred medical expenses have been or will be paid by the employer or insurer. Any need for future medical treatment must be addressed in the stipulation. If future medical treatment is not made available to the worker, the reasoning for closing medical treatment must be stated in the stipulation.

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Stipulated Award FAQ

What if I Have Lost a Body Part Like an Arm or Leg?

If you have lost a body part, the law regulates the length of time you can receive benefits. For a lost leg, for example, you can receive benefits of 225 weeks.

Can I Get Benefits if I Was Injured in My First Week on the Job?

Yes. Workers’ compensation covers you on the first day on the job.

The Insurance Company wants Me to Settle. What Do I Do?

Never settle your claim without first talking to an attorney whom you trust. The effects of a settlement will be with you for years to come.

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