Can I work with work comp weekly income benefits?

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Working with Weekly Income Benefits

If you’ve been injured at work and are being paid weekly income benefits the answer is…it depends! If you are receiving TTD (temporary total disability benefits) then you have been deemed unable to work by your authorized treating physician. Therefore, the answer is NO. If you do get a job and receive any money when you are receiving TTD benefits, you must notify the insurance company (or your attorney if you have one) immediately.

There is another form of weekly benefits you can receive called TPD (temporary partial disability benefits).  These may be paid if you have returned to work but work fewer hours or at a reduced rate of pay because of your work injury. These benefits may be paid every week, month or at another agreeable interval.


Changing Workers’ Compensation Situation

Remember, any time your work situation changes (you return to work or are unable to work) contact your attorney immediately or reach out to Beth Gearhart, one of Georgia’s best work comp lawyers for a case evaluation or review these with the Top 5 Work Comp Law Firms directories.

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