Undocumented Injured Workers and Workers Compensation

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Undocumented Injured Workers

Undocumented injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and cannot be denied solely due to undocumented status.  The majority of undocumented people present in the United States are gainfully employed.  Unfortunately, they’re frequently intimidated by their employers and told that they cannot obtain workers’ compensation benefits.  This is especially true recently as fear of ICE and deportation proceedings abound in present times.  As noted by the labor law center, undocumented workers are entitled to workers’ compensation when they are injured on the job in Georgia.

Undocumented Injured Workers

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Laws

It is important for undocumented injured workers to know that Georgia has determined that an injured worker who is undocumented is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This can include medical treatment, weekly benefits and any permanent impairment rating.

Of course, undocumented injured workers will need to prove causation.  If that is proven, he or she is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and will not be disqualified solely because of the undocumented status.  Of course, there are many other concerns to consider during the handling of a case and any undocumented injured worker would also benefit from obtaining counsel from a seasoned immigration attorney.

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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are injured at work or an undocumented injured worker, it is important to learn your rights under the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation rules.  Work with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney like Beth Gearhart to help you navigate the Georgia workers’ compensation laws and learn your injured worker rights.  Call Beth at 404 445 8370 to learn more about your Georgia workers’ compensation claim value and insight.

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