Tis’ The Season for Injuries

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With the recent snow blanketing much of the country, I’m seeing a huge number of slip and fall injuries being posted on social media and coming across our desk at Gearhart Law Group.  Employers have a responsibility to take extra precautions during this time of year to ensure a safe work environment.   This sometimes requires extra costs for clearing snow, ice, and water.  In addition, it is important to provide workers with proper clothing and safety items to complete their jobs.  Unfortunately, this all too often is an area overlooked by employers which leads to work injuries across Georgia.  As a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney, it’s hard to enjoy the winter weather without thinking about these risks and likely injuries which will follow.  So, as we all sit down this winter to watch the variety of college football bowl games including the Georgia vs. Nebraska Gator Bowl, please do your part to help improve workplace safety during these cold winter months.   Also, since I’m sure you plan on watching more than a few games this month, here is the entire list of bowl games coming up in the next few weeks.  Also, be careful because “This’ the season for injuries”.

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