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DC Taking Over Workers' CompensationIs DC Taking Over Workers’ Compensation?

There was a great post this week by John D’Alusio on what 2014 will bring in Workers’ Compensation.  While John and I don’t sit on the same side of the table, I do share his view on how terrible it would be for the national government to run workers’ compensation.  The last thing either side needs is more paperwork and rule changes to the system.  I’m not sure what 2014 will bring, but we can all be thankful that it will not likely include any radical changes to the Georgia State Worker’s Compensation Laws.



Looking to 2014 in Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law

While we prepare for 2014, don’t forget to read about why injured workers’ across Georgia are using Gearhart Law Group for their workers’ compensation counsel.  Also, let’s be glad that DC taking over workers’ compensation will not happen in 2014.

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