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Knee Injuries and Surgeries

Knee Injuries and Surgeries – Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Knee injuries and surgeries are a common work injury.  Many times conservative care with medication, physical therapy, and possible injections will provide benefit.  However, sometimes surgery is needed.  There are several different types of knee surgeries you may encounter.

Knee Injuries and Surgeries – Meniscus Tears

A meniscus tear results when the meniscus of the knee is damaged.  In this case the cartilage is repaired rather than completely removed which can help guard against developing arthritis later on.  This is only an option when the outer portion of the meniscus is torn.  If the tear is in the center, then this is not a viable option since there is not sufficient blood supply.  There are two common approaches.  Meniscectomy fully removes the meniscus while a meniscus transplant replaces damaged meniscus with cartilage from a donor.  This is less common in the workers’ compensation setting.

Knee Injuries – Types of Surgeries in Atlanta

A lateral release surgery reduces pain in the kneecap.  This addresses kneecap pulls on the outer area of its groove.  Also, this helps realign the kneecap using arthroscopic surgery.  Tendon repair procedures address tendon ruptures.  Patellar tendon and quadriceps tendons locations on the front portion of the knee above and below the kneecap create additional challenges.


ACL reconstructive surgery is a fairly common surgery.  The ACL is the anterior cruciate ligament and provides stability to the knee.  ACL reconstruction utilizes graft tissue from a donor or the patient’s own body.

Knee Injuries – Knee Replacement in Atlanta

A partial knee replacement provides relief for those diagnosed with osteoarthritis.  However, this applies to osteoarthritis when limited to one area of the knee.  This surgery is a less expensive than a full knee replacement.   Also, doctors only prescribe full knee replacement for severe arthritis.  Microfracture surgery repairs damaged cartilage in the knee in hopes of avoiding a partial or full knee replacement.

In Atlanta, there are a variety of specialists who have performed knee replacements on my clients with great success.  However, it is important to work with an attorney who knows how to maximize the claim value to ensure you have access to the best possible doctor.  I’ve had positive outcomes with clients living in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Macon, and Marietta recently with knee replacement settlements and positive knee replacement surgeries.

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