I Won My Workers Comp Case, Now What? Here’s A Legal Perspective

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Winning a workers’ compensation case can be a huge relief, but a new set of questions and concerns often arise. Many people often wonder when their benefits will begin, how long their benefits will continue, and what might happen if they need to make important life decisions, such as moving out of state. It is important to know what happens once a case has been won, and retaining an injury attorney even after you have won your case is a great way to ensure that the next steps go smoothly.

Will I receive payment immediately?

The short answer is no, but in most cases, you won’t have to wait months and months for your benefits to start. According to Georgia law, a company’s insurance provider must issue your first check within 21 days of the first day you missed work due to injury. If the insurance company decides to fight your claim, generally, will start receiving payments within 20 days of a judge’s order. This can be delayed if the workers’ compensation appeal board has granted an appeal, so hiring an injury attorney to help with your claim can ensure that you receive your benefits promptly once you have won your workers’ compensation case.

Will I still receive benefits if I move out of state?

Yes! Many people decide to move in with a relative or friend depending on their financial situation and the severity of the injury that was sustained. Moving out of state should not affect your workers’ compensation benefits. Still, it is a smart decision to hire an injury attorney before you move to ensure that your change of address is received and that the insurance company secures a new doctor located in your area.

How long do my benefits continue?

According to Georgia law, if your injury occurred after July 1, 1992, you could potentially receive benefits for up to 400 weeks. This could be reduced once you have healed and can return to work with no limitations or restrictions. How long you will receive benefits depends on three factors:

  • How severe the injury is
  • If the injury disables you
  • How the injury affects your work life and daily activities

Since each situation is unique, it is important to discuss this with an injury attorney who can assess your case and provide you with a more accurate estimate of how long you could receive workers’ compensation benefits.


When will I start to receive benefits?

Typically, an insurance company must issue payment within 21 days of the first day of missed work due to injury. This can be delayed if the insurance company chooses to fight the claim.

Will I receive benefits if I move out of state?

Yes. Moving out of state should not affect your status to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

How long do my benefits continue?

It depends on your unique situation, but workers’ compensation benefits could be issued for up to 400 weeks from the date of the accident.

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