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Georgia Stuntman InjuriesGeorgia Stuntman Injuries & Workers’ Compensation

Georgia stuntman injuries have been on the rise in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.  This rise in TV and Film has been accompanied by a large increase in studios across the Atlanta metro.  Many producers and film studios such as Tyler Perry Studios have opened their doors to Atlanta.  However, with the increase in movie filming around Atlanta has been an equally large increase workers’ compensation claims settlements due to work injuries on these Atlanta movie sets.

Recent Stuntman Injury – Georgia Workers’ Compensation

A recent stuntman injury occurred this month on the set of the Walking Dead according to Atlanta based WSB TV.  The deceased stuntman, John Bernecker, was likely working within the scope of stuntman job at the time of the accident.  As a result, his death will fall under the workers’ compensation law in Georgia.  If you are injured at work in Georgia, it is helpful to read the Top 6 Responsibilities Filing for workers’ compensation after your injury.


Film Employees in Georgia

According to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, there are more than 30,000 employees working on film sets every day.  If these employees were considered part of a single employer, it would rank them near the top of Georgia.  Unlike many jobs, the likelihood of work injuries grows substantially when boom mic, ladders, trucks, and heavy camera equipment is quickly moving across the set.  Add the stuntman scenes to the mix, and there is a recipe for danger and work injuries.

As highlighted by Craig Miller Productions Blog , the Atlanta film industry represents “…$9.5 billion in FY 2017.  This number represents 320 feature film and television productions shot in Georgia and $2.7 billion in direct spending in the state.”

Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Georgia Stuntman

Beth Gearhart has extensive experience representing a variety of work injuries.  Beth has deep knowledge of most industries including the TV and Film industry, so she is well positioned to represent injured workers from the film industry.  If you work in Film and TV, please reach out to Beth Gearhart to learn your options from a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney.  Beth listens and cares about her clients.

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