Are Cervical Facet Injections Effective?

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Cervical Facet Injections – Effective or Not?

Ongoing pain can be very frustrating, tiring and depressing. I say this not as an attorney but as someone who actually HAS ongoing neck pain. Unfortunately, I have some wicked cervical spine stenosis and I suffer flareups and setbacks which come without reason.  Most recently I was stretching overhead and BAM! I suffered horrible scapular pain into my elbow. It’s been ongoing for a month now. I most recently underwent cervical facet injections that may be recommended for you as well.


Injection Procedure

Cervical Facet Injection
Cervical Facet Injection

The procedure was very easy. In and out in about an hour. An IV port is given and I was given a slight sedative to relax. I did not feel the sticks in my back. I iced it and fell asleep for a long time that day though! The next day my pain decreased but by two days later I had a steroid “flare” and it was worse than ever. Few more days it decreased and today it is kind of bad again. So, time will tell if these will work or not. They told me it can take up to two weeks so we are sort of in a holding pattern. In the meantime, I can’t ride my bike (which I love), I’m tired a lot and it’s just very frustrating. So when I say I feel your pain, I really do!

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