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Private Investigators in Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Can Private Investigators Follow Injured Workers?

Injured workers in Georgia live with a 50% likelihood of surveillance from private investigators. Today, the right to privacy is no longer reality after filing a workers’ compensation claim.  Insurance companies in Georgia frequently employ private investigators to video tape people on surveillance.  Low value claims receive equal surveillance focus from insurance adjusters. Personally, I think this wastes resources, but most insurance companies use it to send a message to other Georgia claimants.

Private Investigators – Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims

Unfortunately, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation issued a new decision regarding timing of discovery.  For years, they disputed surveillance video and guidelines for use.  A recent Board decision allows surveillance video to remain secret until after the

injured workers’ deposition.  Clearly, this results in more defense attorneys employing “gotcha” moments during depositions. Testifying truthfully under oath becomes even more important now.  However, frequent surveillance videos with edited material exposing the claimant becomes the common activity.  Insurance adjusters seek out videos showing claimants in compromising situations.  So, if you filed a Georgia workers’ compensation claim recently, private investigators and surveillance concerns are valid.  So, my advice, always tell the truth at your deposition and consult a workers’ compensation attorney.

In general, I have seen Georgia private investigators track clients living in the Atlanta more often than some of the surrounding communities.  My clients in Marietta and Alpharetta seem to receive higher than average surveillance, as well.  However, I’ve found that my clients in Macon and Columbus do not see private investigators following them as often.   This doesn’t mean that you will not be followed if you live outside the Atlanta area, but it suggests that it is less common.

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