Officer’s Work Injury Ruled Accidental

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Officer’s Shooting Deemed Accidental from

A judge ruled the officer’s work injury from an ambush was accidental.  Workers’ compensation is supposed to be there for our first responders and all workers.  Not surprisingly, this officer was sent immediately to Concentra.  It is well known that Concentra is a notorious “doc in the box” that “provides treatment” to injured workers.  While this injury occurred in Texas,  Concentra is probably the most popular place injured workers are sent to in Georgia as well.  As an aside, you should never be sent somewhere when you are injured at work.  You should be given a choice.  My choice would not be Concentra, for anyone.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

It is better to consult with a Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer to understand your options.  A work comp lawyer can help you identify the best treating doctors and help get you to the best care.  In some cases, that will require a workers’ compensation settlement to receive the value of your future care.  In most cases, the employer will push you toward the least expensive medical care which rarely results in a positive outcome.


Officer’s Work Injury

Shamefully, this officer was brushed off and told to return to work one week later despite still having a bullet lodged in his body.  I am not in the least surprised.  I have never seen Concentra take anyone off work nor have I seen them diagnose anyone with anything but a sprain until an orthopedic referral is made and an MRI is obtained which will be at least six weeks later.  “Treatment” is in the best interests of the insurance company, not the injured worker.

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If you have been injured at work, it is important to understand your rights.  Employers are looking to drive you to the least expensive care.  Reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to learn your options and get the workers’ compensation facts required to make an educated decision.  Beth Gearhart is a top rated and 5 stars reviewed workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, Georgia who will provide you with a free case consultation.  Call Beth today at 404 445 8370.

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