Back Injuries and Counseling?

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Back Injuries and Counseling

Back injuries and counseling are two common topics in Georgia workers’ compensation.  Also, lumbar pain is the most common work injury.  A recent study notes that low back pain is the leading cause of disability.  Finally, they affect 1 in 10 people and increase with age.

Progressive Care

In a workers’ compensation setting we typically see the same progression of care.  Rest, activity modification, medications, physical therapy, injections, and in some cases spinal surgery.  Also, outside treatments are not approved in the workers’ compensation setting.  A recent study from the UK noted that traditional exercise and manipulation methods coupled with cognitive behavioral therapy for people with chronic low back pain can be helpful.  For sure, having a work injury, pain, and being off work can all influence how people are feeling.  MRI scans can prompt fear and create stress which only continues the cycle of pain.

If you have a work injury that is causing you stress and inhibiting your recovery, contact your lawyer about the possibility of seeking counseling. back injuries and counseling

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Complicated laws drive the Georgia workers’ compensation system.  So, contact an attorney to assist you with the work comp system.  Contact Beth Gearhart to speak with an expert workers’ compensation lawyer and learn your rights under the law.

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