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What Is Mediation in Workers’ Compensation?

Mediation in Work CompMediation in Georgia workers’ compensation is a common issue.  Sometimes, an insurance company will offer to mediate the claim. If you have never been through the process, you may have no idea what it is.  The post below will walk you through a common mediation process and typical steps that occur in every mediation.  Mediations play a critical role when both parties can’t agree on a settlement, so review the information below to understand what to expect in a Georgia workers’ compensation mediation.

Video – What to Expect in a Mediation in Georgia

In short, a mediation is when all parties (though usually the adjuster is available by telephone but their attorney is present) come together to discuss settlement of your claim. The parties usually meet together, give brief statements, then go to separate rooms. Then a mediator will go back


and forth between the parties and assist in negotiating a settlement of the claim.  However, it can be helpful to find out what kind of defenses the insurance company may take.   Also, it may also help the injured worker understand the process a bit more.   More importantly, it is not mandatory, and you are never obligated to settle your case.

Confidential Mediations

Any negotiations or discussions during a mediation are confidential and will not come out in court.  However, it is always critical to be truthful during all discussions.  Also, a mediation is an informational process and not under oath.  So, information shared in a mediation can’t be shared with a judge at a later date.

Mediation Venues in Atlanta

Finally, a mediation can take place at the State Board in Atlanta, GA or with a “private” mediator in their office.  Sometimes, both parties will agree to hold the meeting in another venue such as an attorney office or similar venue.  I held mediations last week in offices in Alpharetta and Marietta, so location doesn’t matter when it comes to mediations.

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