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Document Your Work Injuries

Why Document Your Work Injuries?

The most important thing that you can do to protect yourself is to document your work injury in writing.  A great method is to keep a journal and download email communication.  The most common approach used by employers is denying the employee reported the claim.  If you have documented the process, it will be easy to show that the claim was reported to the employer.

Most Common Employer Tactic

The most common employer tactic is to tell the insurance company that they were never notified of the claim.  If this happens, the

insurance company deny or controvert of your claim.  There are many ways to handle the claimant process if this occurs, but it can result in a longer and more difficult process requiring a workers’ compensation attorney.  I recently had a case where the employer denied ever having notice of the work injury.  However, my client was smart.  He emailed his supervisor and kept all the emails.   When the employer tried to state that he was never notified, the proof was right there in black and white.

Whether it’s email or text…document everything.

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