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Can Back Pain Can Lead to Depression?

Back Pain, Depression, and Workers’ Compensation

Back pain in the lumbar region can lead to depression and anxiety.  As a result, it is the most common issue I see daily in my practice.  Unfortunately, all the studies have shown that people with chronic back pain are more likely to experience mental health difficulties.  Chronic low back pain affects nearly 1 in 10 people while back pain affects 8 in 10 people at some point in their lives.  Back pain nearly tripled the odds of experiencing an episode of depression in one study from the World Health Survey, and it doubled the likelihood of psychosis, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and stress.  According to, the most common symptoms are the following:

  • Depressed mood, irritable, and overly emotional and dark
  • Loss of appetite, weight loss, and/or weight gain
  • Problems sleeping
  • Restless, agitated, tired, fatigued
  • Low energy
  • Low or decreased drive
  • Issues with memory
  • Continuing thoughts of death and/or suicide

Back Pain & Workers’ Compensation

A large number of people are injured at work and qualify under the workers’ compensation law.  The law states that anyone hurt on the job can file their injury claim with their employer and receive benefits under the workers’ compensation program.  Unfortunately, the Georgia workers’ compensation process moves very slowly and claims take months or years to settle when the injured worker is representing themselves.  This can further complicate the symptoms of depression and anxiety.  If it is determined that your depressive symptoms are related to your work injury, it is possible to obtain treatment.  However, this is very hard to achieve without a workers’ compensation attorney representing you.  The insurance company has no interest in settling a claim regardless of your depression and anxiety.  In some cases, they may try to use those conditions as leverage in their settlement.

Why Hire a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Worker’s compensation attorneys like Beth Gearhart can reduce delays in the Georgia workers’ compensation system.  It is too difficult to navigate the insurance adjusters alone.  By working with a workers compensation legal expert, you will improve your chances of getting the medical benefits required for recovery to full health.  If the insurance company is dealing with an injured worker, they will use delay tactics to their advantage.  Insurance companies working directly with injured workers stall the process and push injured workers into a depressed state that allows them to more easily negotiate a low settlement.  Hire #1 Georgia workers’ compensation attorney and avoid this happening to you!

Free Consultation

If you have experienced pain in the lumbar region and want to understand your rights as an injured worker in Georgia, contact Beth Gearhart for a free consultation today.  Today, Beth is the best workers’ compensation attorney in the state of Georgia for back pain and spine injuries.  She has successfully settled hundreds of cases dealing with these issues and helped her clients reach mutually beneficial settlements.  Beth listens and cares about her clients and will work hard for their rights as injured workers.  In conclusion, contact Beth Gearhart today and learn your options.  She is the best worker’s compensation attorney and fights for all insured workers.

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