Back Injuries at Work

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Back Injuries at Work

Back Injuries at Work

The most common injuries are back injuries at work.  People are also often very concerned about whether or not they will end up needing surgery.  Most often, people will not need surgery.  However, sometimes conservative care is not effective and people end up needing surgery.  It is impossible to know the answer without a careful evaluation from a back specialist.

Treatment for Back Injuries at Work

Typically the course of treatment for back injuries at work is the following: 

  • The doctor will recommend medication, rest, and physical therapy.
  • If these are not effective they may recommend a series of epidural steroid injections.  Patients usually receive a series of 3. This is usually done in conjunction with additional physical therapy.  They are very effective for some people and less effective for other people.
  • Other considerations are facet joint injections and SI joint blocks.  Sometimes, the SI joint is the pain generator, but it is hard to pinpoint the exact issue in most cases.

If all of that intervention does not work it is possible you may need surgery.  However, a variety of factors are considered in this decision.  It’s important to try the more conservative treatments before jumping into surgery.  Ultimately, surgery is a good approach for people with no other options.  Positive outcomes are common and outlined in WebMD’s list of back surgery procedures.

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