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4 Ways Workers’ Comp. Lawyers Can Help You

Dealing with an injury at work can be stressful. Aside from having to worry about your financial well-being, you’re also concerned about how your injury could affect your finances or your job.

Whether you’re thinking about taking your employer to court or just want to make sure your claims are handled the right way, it’s time to start looking for workers’ comp lawyers.

Are you not convinced that you need a lawyer to help your case? If so, it’s time to think again. Once you see all of the ways a workers’ comp lawyer can help you, you’ll wonder how you ever considered not working with one.


1. Help With Appeals 

You’ve already filed your workers’ comp claim, and it was denied. For people without lawyers, it may mean that you’re out of luck. However, people with lawyers can still have a fighting chance.

It doesn’t matter why your claim was initially denied. You shouldn’t consider your worker’s comp case officially over until you have a lawyer fighting by your side. The appeals process can vary from state to state, but regardless of the rules, it’s always good to have a lawyer help you.


2. Navigate Complicated Cases

You were driving the company vehicle when another car slammed into your van. You were injured at the workplace, but the cause of your injury was defective equipment.

It’s possible that you may find yourself in a situation where your employer isn’t the only one involved in your case. If you’re looking at a situation that could involve third party claims, be sure to call a lawyer.

Workers’ comp cases are complicated enough on their own, and they can get even more tricky when you have to involve someone else. Instead of stressing over the case, let your lawyer handle it.


3. Negotiate With Insurance Companies 

If you thought you disliked dealing with your insurance provider, imagine trying to talk to them when you’re involved in a legal battle.

Dealing with your insurance company after a workplace injury can be difficult. They can have plenty of tricks up their sleeve to ensure that they save money and leave you without the care you need.

Workers’ comp lawyers aren’t just skilled at dealing with the legal system, they also know how to talk to insurance companies. They can help with the negotiation process and ensure you get what you need.


4. Properly Gather Evidence 

Too many people assume that they won’t need much evidence if they’re filing a workers’ comp claim. You may have testimony from coworkers that witness the accident or even security footage, but that isn’t enough to win.

Insufficient evidence is a popular reason to turn down claims. Luckily for you, a lawyer can help you get what you need. They may get testimonies from doctors, obtain medical records, or recommend that you get certain treatments to help your case.


Get Help From a Georgia Worker’s Comp Lawyer Now

Workers’ comp lawyers shouldn’t be considered a luxury. If you want to win your case and get what you’re rightfully owed, they’re a necessity. Now that you know how important they are don’t hesitate to start finding the right one to represent you. To find out how The Gearhart Law Group can help you, call Beth today at 404 445 8370.

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