What Does It Take to Win Your Workers’ Compensation Case?

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Private insurers will do anything to protect their bottom line, including arbitrarily cutting off needed workers’ compensation benefits. Winning fair workers’ comp settlements in Georgia means retaining experienced defense counsel from Gearhart Law Group. Consider the following three critical factors commonly impacting workers’ compensation outcomes.

Receiving Continuous Medical Care

You must continue treating for the underlying condition, which includes attending physical therapy appointments and meeting with specialists. Treatment also means attending all mandatory workers’ compensation examinations despite the frustrations often associated with these appointments. Claimants who stop treating may forfeit their workers’ compensation rights unless they’ve reached maximum medical improvement. Insurers have the legal right to terminate benefits if claimants continue declining needed medical treatment. Consistently attending medical appoints prevents insures from falsely claiming you’ve recovered and often supports higher workers’ compensation settlements.

Filing Timely & Detailed Claim

You must generally report your injury, including discovered chronic injuries, to employers with 30 days. Thereafter, you must apply for workers’ compensation benefits within one year. Some exceptions exist, including for claimants who continued working while treating, but unexcused delays may impact your rights. Winning workers’ compensation settlements often hinges on immediately reporting your injuries and preserving evidence of on-the-job harm. This evidence often includes:

  • Written confirmation of your reported injury
  • Witness statements from co-workers
  • Supervisor incident reports
  • Video, photographic, and physical evidence of the injurious condition and event

This information is critical if insurers claim you did not suffer an on-the-job injury or failed to report your claims.

Hiring Reputable and Experienced WC Attorneys

Unrepresented claimants rarely win fair workers’ compensation settlements. Even if they’re entitled to full benefits, insurance adjusters will take advantage of injured claimants without dedicated legal protection. Experienced attorneys can prevent adjusters from misleading you about your claim’s value and chances of success. They can also demand higher settlements and prevent adjusters from overburdening claimants with unlawful evidentiary requests.

It costs nothing for eligible claimants to speak with a Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer from Gearhart Law Group. You might even win your case without any out-of-pocket costs. Contact us to schedule your free Georgia workers’ compensation consultation by calling 404 445 8370 or reaching out online.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation FAQs

 What’s the average workers’ compensation settlement?

That depends on your salary, disability, and future medical needs, but awards generally average between $20,000 and $40,000. However, lump-sum settlements for permanent workplace disabilities and death may exceed $200,000.

Can I get workers’ compensation, private settlements, and social security for permanent disabilities?

With an attorney’s help, you can generally recover both workers’ compensation and reduced SSDI benefits. You may also recover private personal injury settlements from liable third parties covering your pain, suffering, and additional losses.

Can I see any doctor for my workplace injuries?

You must see a doctor contracted with your workers’ compensation carrier to obtain paid medical coverage, but you may choose between certain physicians. A WC lawyer can help you find eligible doctors or demand competent treatment if you’re struggling to obtain timely and quality care.

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