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There are a variety of sources to find Georgia workers’ compensation attorneys to assist you with your search if you have suffered a work injury.  Many of these directories have no fee questions and answers sections where you can ask a workers’ compensation lawyer questions about your case.  If you already have an attorney, then it is usually best to ask your question to your attorney directly.  However, if you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason asking them, this is a great source to get your question answered.  The Top 5 Work Comp Lawyer Directories are Avvo, Justia, FindLaw, Cornell, and Martindale.

Beth Gearhart’s Gearhart Law Group is a well-respected workers’ compensation law firm and has been published by all the leading workers’ compensation law firms.  Over time, Beth will publish some papers and add posts on interesting subjects related to workers’ compensation law, so watch for those items on these sites in the future.  Below are links to the sites mentioned above with the Gearhart Law Group profile links, but please go to the Gearhart Law Group website for more comprehensive and detailed information on Beth Gearhart’s attorney profile and details on why they are a different type of workers’ compensation law firm.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Directories:

Beth Gearhart’s profile on Justia – Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Gearhart Law Group’s profile on – Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

Beth Gearhart’s profile on Cornell Law – Georgia Work Comp Lawyer

Beth Gearhart’s profile on Avvo Lawyer Directory – Georgia Work Comp Lawyer

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