Top 5 Steps for Back and Neck Injuries in Workers Compensation

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Top 5 Steps for Workers’ Compensation Back or Neck Injuries

  1. Report the Back or Neck Injury – You have 30 days to report, but reporting immediately will help your case
  2. Maintain a Current / Consistent Address – You will have a lot of paperwork.  Use the same address on paperwork.
  3. Submit Mileage Reimbursement – It should be reimbursed to you by 15 days of receipt.
  4. Be Compliant with Medical Care – Judge will want to see that you are trying to heal your back or neck injury.
  5. Attempt Light Duty – The judge will need to see you make an attempt at working another job if it is offered.

Finally, not one of the steps, but always “be honest.”  The judge will find inconsistencies in your file.  Always be honest and allow your lawyer to fight for you.

Injury Overview

Back injury accidents are the most common work-related injuries in Georgia.  Typically, the low back is the more frequently injured part of the spine but neck injuries are not uncommon to injure the back or herniate a disc ( hernia ). Your back is made of bones, muscles, and other tissues that extend from your neck to your pelvis.

Most Common Injuries

Most common back injuries and spinal injuries include sprains and strains, herniated discs, hernia, and fractured vertebrae. Treatment will initially consist of conservative measures such as medications, ice, activity modification, physical therapy. If these are unsuccessful injections may be recommended in the form of epidural steroid injections. If these methods are not successful and the pain and disability continue, surgery may be

recommended.  However, the most common surgeries that we see are discectomies and surgical lumbar fusions.  Also, if you need medical treatment, it is important to know that your employer’s work comp insurance company will cover the costs.  At this point, it is helpful to speak with a work comp lawyer like Beth Gearhart who can explain the work comp medical benefits process.

See this post on discectomies and lumbar fusions for a workers comp back injury.

Sent Back to Work Too Early?

So, if you have a hernia, back injury, or spinal injury, please contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia like Beth Gearhart.  Beth is the best Georgia workers’ compensation back injury lawyer, so call her today at (404) 445-8370.

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