Brain Injuries in Workers Compensation

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Work Brain Injuries

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are a common work injury in Georgia and often result in workers’ compensation claims.   Also, most brain trauma is categorized in this way due to a substantial reduction in brain cells.  Finally, there are a variety of work injuries that cause brain injuries.  If you are injured at work with a brain injury or any type of workers’ compensation injury, it is important to seek out an experienced workers’ compensation attorney like Beth Gearhart.

Top 5 list of brain injuries:

  1. Object striking the head

  2. Vehicle or forklift impact causing head trauma

  3. Slip and fall during work causing brain impacts

  4. Assaults resulting in impacts to the brain

  5. Hypoxic effect on the brain (lack of oxygen)

Types of TBIs

The three types of TBIs are classified as mild, moderate and severe brain injuries.  Currently, it isn’t uncommon for doctors to gauge the level of brain injury by assessing the post-injury amnesia or extent of the loss of consciousness.   With any injury, it is critical to receive a thorough evaluation from a respected doctor who specializes in brain injuries.   Furthermore, brains trauma can receive additional categorization based on the presence of an open wound versus only internal damage.

Brain Injuries in Georgia Workers Compensation

Critical Brain Injuries

Proper evaluation of your injury is critical because treatment must begin immediately to reduce long term damage.  So, if you know someone critical injured at work, please seek medical attention and call Beth Gearhart today at (404) 445-8370 to learn your options under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation law.

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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Finally, if you have a brain injury and need legal advice, please contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia like Beth Gearhart who listens and cares about her clients.  Beth can be reached at (404) 445-8370 and returns every call personally the same day.  In summary, fighting for injured workers rights is Beth’s passion in life, and she will work hard to get you the best outcome.  Beth’s Motto: No Settlement, No Fee!


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