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What is a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

A Georgia workers’ compensation attorney represents injured workers with their workers’ compensation claims for injuries that occurred on the job within the scope of their employment.  The Georgia work comp attorney will assist the injured worker in receiving monetary benefits for medical treatment and lost wages.  Georgia is a right for work state and governed by the Georgia State Workers’ Compensation Board.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is the system where employees who are injured on the job can receive medical and financial benefits as compensation for their work injury. When an employee or contractor of a company is injured on the job, they usually become eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. These workers’ compensation benefits are provided by the employer’s insurance company. The workers’ compensation system allows the injured workers to receive benefits without any litigation to provide fault or negligence. Employers pay into the system in the form of workers’ compensation insurance, so the employers’ insurance companies are responsible for the claim.

Understanding the Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Each state has its own workers’ compensation board which governs the program. In Georgia, we have the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation who regulates the workers’ compensation. They have judges and courts located around Georgia with the largest workers’ compensation court located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The court governs benefits associated with the following areas of workers’ compensation:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical Costs
  • Ongoing Care

Why Hire a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

  1. Experts in Georgia workers’ compensation laws.
  2. Avoid all the insurance adjuster tactics.
  3. Access to the best medical professionals.
  4. Maximize your claim settlement value.

Beth Gearhart is a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney serving Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia to represent the rights of injured workers.  Georgia is a diverse state with complex workers’ compensation laws that require guidance from a helpful workers’ compensation lawyer.  However, you don’t want to choose a lawyer or law firm based on their billboards or late night television ads.  Many large firms are focused on quick settlements without the time or interest in your specific situation.  Beth Gearhart is considered one of the best workers’ compensation attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia with 5-star reviews.

How Much Does a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney Cost?

Georgia has created a simple process for paying for a workers’ compensation lawyer.  The workers’ compensation law authorizes a flat fee of 25% of the settlement value for all claims.  However, you do no have to pay the attorney anything.  The fees will be automatically deducted from your settlement.

Is it worth losing 25% of my settlement to hire an attorney?

The short answer is YES!  Every case I have seen from both sides was increased with a workers’ compensation attorney.

How Will a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help Me?

A Georgia workers’ compensation attorney will provide own communication with the insurance adjuster for you, and they will help build a solid case using medical facts to demand a higher settlement value.  They have years of experience fighting similar claims and know exactly how to present the medical records to maximize your claim value.

How to Choose a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

A work injury can be a very traumatic life event, so you need to choose a lawyer that is trustworthy and listens to your unique situation.  Most importantly, select an attorney who cares about you as a person.  Also, hire a workers’ compensation attorney based on their work comp experience.  Finally, ask yourself whether these attorneys are 100% focused on workers’ compensation.  Do they spend all their time with their clients or use a paralegal to run their cases?  Do they consider helping injured workers their passion in life?

Can I Hire Any Attorney for Work Comp Claim?

It is important to hire a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney who knows the Georgia laws and has a passion for the Georgia workers’ compensation legal process.  Beth Gearhart is a passionate Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer with over a decade of expertise in workers’ compensation who listens and cares about her clients.  Also, she started her attorney career on the other side of the table representing workers’ compensation insurance companies.  So, she knows exactly how to counsel her clients and answer insurance adjuster questions.  Finally, Beth always wanted positive outcomes for injured workers, so she started Gearhart Law Group with a different approach focused entirely on the injured worker.

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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Beth Gearhart is a workers’ compensation lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia who helps clients work through the workers’ compensation system with success. Every insurance company wants to delay or deny your claim, and they hope that these tactics frustrate you into settling for less than your full claim value. So, insurance companies and employers try to fight every claim and push the injured worker to accept low ball settlement offers which jeopardize the future of the injured worker and their family. Most injured workers are do not know their rights, have fear of being fired, and do not know the Georgia workers’ compensation laws. Unfortunately, the insurance company and employer are very experienced and will usually delay the claim until you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

If you have experienced a work-related injury, don’t delay, contact Beth Gearhart right now at (404) 882-6443.   Beth is a top rated – 5-star review attorney on Google reviews and Avvo Lawyer Reviews.

Beth will personally contact you the same day to answer any questions.  Finally, she very well knows and respected in the Georgia work comp attorney, and she is considered one of the best workers’ compensation attorneys in Georgia.

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