Independent Contractors and Workers’ Compensation Benefits

This post discusses a question that is often asked by injured workers.  What is the situation for “Independent Contractors and …

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Opioid Abuse Hurts Everyone

A new study notes that prescriptions for opioids for work injuries have grown 41% from 2003 to 2011 and are …

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Cheating Spouse Website Workers’ Compensation Claim

An ex-employee of cheating spouse website, Ashley Madison,  is seeking $20 million from her former employer claiming she injured her …

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Gearhart Law Group Cares

Gearhart Law Group Cares Why Gearhart Law Group?  This is a short video focused on Gearhart Law Group’s differentiated approach …

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Dallas Employer Cited for Forklift Fatalities

Dallas Employer Cited for Forklift Fatalities The Department of Labor and Occupational Safety & Health Administration has given a citation …

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Injuries Incurred While Traveling for Work – Workers’ Comp Case Gets Denied

Last week, an Australian court ruled in favor of the defense when a woman who was on a business trip …

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Workers’ Compensation Claim for Pepper Spray

Yesterday, the UC Davis police officer who made headlines for the pepper spray incident on campus was awarded $38,000 for …

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Employers Focused on Cost Control Post Work Injury

Cost Control Kory Wells recently published an article with detailed survey information that shows a clear breakdown of the concerns expressed …

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Workers’ Compensation Increase?

Workers’ Compensation Increase? The state of Delaware is pondering the option to raise rates – a Workers’ Compensation Increase – …

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Professional Athletes Workers Compensation Claims to be Limited in Future

In today’s news, California politicians have decided that limits were needed on the workers’ compensation claims by professional athletes.  It …

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